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Who Designed Gender, Anyway?

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From a extremely young age I was told that I could be what ever and whoever I wanted. I contact myself a female, but if I have been to label myself as a male or transsexual my family members would not care. My parents applied to inform me that I am “enjoy and loved”. That is what my best society would be constructed off of. As folks and as a society it is not our job to pass judgement or inhibit the rights of these who label themselves as gay, lesbian, male, female, transsexual, intersexual, or something in in between. As a result I am left with a single query, why do we even care so considerably?

It can be mentioned that the foundation of American history and society is rooted in gender. All through elementary and middle college I was taught that guys founded our United States, and that they have been the honorable beings of our civilization. They have been the ones who fought for our freedom. Females have been supposedly the homemakers. We cooked all 3 meals, did the laundry, grocery shopped, and raised the young children, all of which have been carried out with a complete face of makeup and a smile. This is exactly where our existing society is split, and exactly where we have produced the most progress. We can no longer state factually that guys bare the label of fortitude and females carry the label of domestication. I know a lot of guys who are keep at residence fathers and numerous females who are the bread winners for their households. Are these guys feminine and are these females masculine?

For instance, this morning in my sociology class we have been discussing this idea. The professor showed us an ad from J. Crew. The ad incorporated a image of an executive from J. Crew with her son. It is a harmless photo, but to some it was threatening and inappropriate. This is simply because her sons toenails have been painted pink. We have been asked to go over why this photo would be disturbing to some people today. The only conclusion that my companion and I could come up with was that our society is as well afraid to surpass the binary categories of sex. To us, this explanation was plausible, on the other hand to the female behind us this was preposterous. She stated that “parents raise their young children to be ‘like that’. They are not born gay, lesbian, or transsexual. That is not all-natural”. Of course she has the proper to no cost speech and her personal values. On the other hand, in my opinion, this is the paradigm of our societies ignorance.

Young children need to be capable to select what or who they want to be, but for a lot of if not most, becoming gay, lesbian, and transsexual is not a decision. It is how they have been born. If my son desires to put on pink nail polish or red lipstick I will let him. If my daughter desires to play with transformers and adjust her name I will let her. I think that gender is totally manufactured by society. We have been not provided the proper to referee who is who. We have been all born as equals onto this Earth. That is precisely how we need to treat every other.

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